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Recharge and reconnect to what’s important in your life… YOU!


Discover the Seven Subconscious Beliefs that Sabotage Your Life and How to Overcome Them.

There are seven core beliefs that are quietly living and breathing in the subconscious minds of millions of people. They are the pillars of a corrupt unconscious belief system that sabotages success, and…

Investing in You™ Workshop 2012 Series

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Grow your self worth to gain more net worth.

Investing in You™ is a series of dynamic and transformational workshops to keep you growing and always feeling and being your best! Strengthen your personal power, enrich your life and create the relationship of your dreams with yourself, your body, men, romance, money and success. It’s your time to live more fully, achieve breakthroughs and create an action plan to implement real changes and get more of what you want in every area of your life!

Diva Day

Experience a day unlike ANY other. Indulge your inner diva; be loved, inspired and taken care of on this exciting day just for YOU! Learn, laugh, share and celebrate being a woman.