Joanna Andros and Tanya Chernova

Courageous Living launched in 2006 from the passionate vision of Joanna Andros and Tanya Chernova.

Courageous Living inspires, empowers and equips people like you to live more joyful and fulfilling lives.

Whether you are breaking free of a bad relationship or seeking the one of your dreams. Changing your job or career path – or needing to heal or grow from a transition or challenge. Our unique transformational workshops, personal coaching, therapy and inspirational speaking services will help you:

  • Re-ignite your passion for life
  • Create a plan for positive change and success
  • Clarify your vision and life goals
  • Awaken the inner strength and self esteem you need to reach for your dreams, and
  • Provide the structured support for personal and business growth
  • Gain the courage to overcome your obstacles and create a life you love

Wherever you may be in life, whatever your goals and dreams… you are now connecting with a powerful network of like minded people to help you succeed.

We are excited to be a part of your journey,

Courageously yours with love,

Joanna Andros and Tanya Chernova

Our Services

Ignite your Life through our personal empowerment workshops, coaching and events.

Courageous Living provides experiential education, tools and resources to help you recover or discover your own unyielding passion, purpose and boundless creativity.

Let us help you produce extraordinary results in your life and the lives of the people around you with our unique approach to personal growth and development.

Courageous Living offers four programs to accelerate you on your journey.


Recharge and reconnect to what is important in your life…YOU! Attend our evening and full day events to help you gain insight, strength and inspiring information – learn, laugh, share with women just like you. Tell me more.

Mentors Circle

Join us for these transformational monthly meetings to help you set goals and achieve them in a supportive and structured growth environment. A 6 month program to create a clear vision and the action plan to live your dreams. Tell me more.

Inspirational Speaking Services

Invite us to speak to your organization. We provide relevant and effective content in an exciting, engaging and experiential presentation to uplift your audience and give them the courage to succeed! Tell me more.


Get the motivation and guidance you need to improve your life with our one-on-one, personal, emotional and business success coaching. Learn more about the Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy (PNRT) to get rid of the inner chatter and achieve faster results in your life. Tell me more.