Why Courageous Living?


Courageous Living offers a unique experience with life changing results. We stand apart from other coaching, motivational, networking and women’s organizations with our approach.

Experience transformation in every area of your life: your business, relationships, health, prosperity and peace of mind with our programs and get the structured support systems you need to create a vision for success and actually achieve it.

We Care About the Whole You

Unlike other companies that focus on an ‘answer’ in one aspect (i.e. networking or leadership), we offer the best of the best resources to nurture and enrich EVERY area of your life to create a fulfilling and joyful experience. In order to grow and feel balanced, we need to look at the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, expressive, sensual and creative parts of ourselves.

It’s a Safe and supportive Environment

There’s no competition. No judgements. No need to put on your game face. You will find an intimate and incredibly supportive and loving environment where you can be vulnerable, honest and entirely authentic in order to heal, grow and succeed.

We Go Deeper

Be prepared for a profound shift. We inspire you to dig deeper and get to the real source of what blocks you from success and happiness. We challenge and teach you to break those old patterns that limit and hurt you; once and for all. Identify and conquer your fears, embrace change and create a life you truly love … that lasts.

We Hold you Accountable to Achieve your Goals

Other seminars get you pumped up for change … but enthusiasm and commitment fades when you leave the room. At Courageous Living, we keep you inspired and accountable along the entire journey. We create a continuing support structure so you stay true to your goals and hurdle your obstacles. From action plan worksheets to map your progress, to one on one coaching to accelerate success and reading materials and CDs to keep you inspired, you’ll have access to it all. Most importantly, you can choose to have an accountability partner to powerfully create your day with intention (each day or each week). Keeping you on track for success!

We Give Back to the Community

Every time you purchase a ticket, a portion of it goes to sponsor a women in transition to change her life. We are a supportive partner of the Women’s Shelters in Ontario. Your attendance brings them into the workshops, re-integrates them into a positive community and courageously supports them to live more secure and fulfilling lives.

We’re affordable

Nowhere else you will find personal empowerment opportunities of this depth, quality and caliber at such an affordable price. You have been drawn here by an intense desire to live life to the fullest. You may have come to realize that life is precious and it is happening NOW. Perhaps you have decided it is time to put all fears aside and go for what you want or; maybe you are at the start, wondering how to begin.

Wherever you may be, you are now connecting with a powerful network of like minded people.

Be courageous and contact Tanya 416.737.1166 or Joanna 416.251.2050

Love Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros