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Discover the Seven Subconscious Beliefs that Sabotage Your Life and How to Overcome Them

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There are seven core beliefs that are quietly living and breathing in the subconscious minds of millions of people. They are the pillars of a corrupt unconscious belief system that sabotages success, and because of them bank accounts dwindle, self-esteem suffers, relationships fail, health falters, and inner peace is always out of reach. UnderMind explains how each of these beliefs is causing people to waste their potential and live entire lifetimes of dissatisfaction and limited success. It goes on to reveal an innovative new method that frees human beings from their self-imposed prisons – in only hours.

Through a methodically designed survey, UnderMind provides you with a revealing evaluation of what your subconscious mind is thinking. The life-changing results of this survey tell you why you’ve made achievements in certain areas, while you’ve floundered in others. When you understand which of the seven beliefs are operating in your own life, you’ll see how they affected your past, and how they will control your future – if you let them. Without understanding the underlying cause of everything you think, say, feel, and do, meaningful and permanent change isn’t an option – or even a possibility.

With PNRT’s (Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy) groundbreaking methods to reprogram self-sabotage, financial abundance, self-love, meaningful relationships, health, fulfillment, and more are possible as you take control of your subconscious, and stop living UnderMind.


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Chris Elawar – Testimonial


What people are saying about Undermind

Thank you for writing the UnderMind book. I can’t put it down! It is the exact state of where my life is at and it very well may be the swift kick in the butt I need I look forward to attending more of your classes and especially the Courageous Living Mentor Circle classes.

This book changed my life! By Barbara Lorca This is a must read for those who want to live a better life.Rewire the brain and change bad thoughts to good ones

Great Book for self improvement By MB This book helps you to do the work on yourself to change things that are holding you back from success in whatever areas you need.

Ultimately, I feel very light. Life changed 1000% after using these skills practically. Thanx Everybody should read this book using your WonderMind. Very very practical.

Very good insight into understanding why we do the things that we do. I enjoyed this book and found a couple of particular execrices very helpful (three letters of forgiveness, especially). The book was well written and struck a good balance between science and coaching.
The only thing that let it down was the brevity of the case studies; fewer case studies with more information. Don’t let that put you off though! I thoroughly recommend this book for people who want to look at how they are holding back from their own lives.
By Amy Murphy

Our inner mind chatter can be impossible to quiet down yet this book makes it incredibly simple to understand why it exists and what we must do to break through. I have seen and heard first-hand the unbelievable feats and accomplishments that Tanya and Joanna’s clients have experienced and it has been nothing short of amazing. Now people everywhere will have the chance to experience the lessons in UnderMind, thank you Tanya & Joanna. By Lisa McKenzie

Very helpful! By S. Sommers “sopranosms” Being one who is at fault for letting the “tapes from the past” in my brain work against me, I can say that this book has helped me focus more on the present, than what went wrong and who said the wrong things in the past. Still in the process of reading it, but I am very pleased so far.

I’d like to preface that I love reading books on the subconscious mind so after reading the reviews, I was eager to read UnderMind. This book is beautifully and intelligently written. It has become one of my favorite books on this subject. There are no fillers and you will find yourself engrossed. This isn’t a book to be read once. You will want to read it again to re-absorb it.

We may think that we are consciously in charge of our lives, but truth is, it is the subconscious mind that rules dominion over our lives. 95-99% of our daily functions are performed by the subconscious mind, while only a mere 1-5% is performed by the conscious mind. Driving a car, riding a bike, swimming, walking, are all performed on auto pilot. So it begs the question: do we have unsupportive, faulty programs filed deep in our subconscious mind that sabotages and doesn’t serve in the betterment of a good life? Do you think all marriages fail? Do you think that good people finish last? Do you think ALL men/women are untrustworthy? Do you think losing/gaining weight is hard?

Tanya and Joanna help you in pinpointing your unsupportive programs and delete/update them.

I learned a few things that I haven’t known before. Tanya and Joanna dedicated a chapter to The Human Brain which I found to be very fascinating. The fact that in addition to a pregnant woman providing nourishment to a fetus, she transfers her thoughts in the form of information molecules. This piece of information was completely new to me and I was very intrigued by this chapter.

The authors say: “while you are reading this, are you wondering what thoughts you inherited from your mother or father.” True, I couldn’t help but wonder what thoughts was downloaded into my fetal brain.

There is a mirror technique which is employed by many experts. You stare at yourself in a mirror and say loving, kind affirmations to yourself. For many people, this is hard. Many people feel like a phony or fake upon uttering I love you to themselves. When I first performed this mirror technique, I felt insincere. The authors say that unless you have a prior record of self-love in your subconscious mind, your affirmation will feel untruthful and fake.

The subconscious mind loves repetition and familiarity and resists change. So if you have been reinforcing your mind with negative statements such as: “I am stupid,” “I am unlovable,” “I am not good enough,” then that’s what your subconscious mind believes it to be the “absolute truth” and will try to PROVE itself right. How often have you joined a gym only to stop going? How often have you dieted only to regain the pounds? How often have you made new year’s resolutions only to break them? How often have you vowed to quit smoking only to light up again? How often have you found yourself dating the same type of guy/girl? How often have you been inspired by an idea, a project, only to stop pursuing it?

Studies in neuroplasticity proves that the brain isn’t immutable and can indeed change. In the subsequent chapters, the authors give you the tools to rewire and update your subconscious mind’s or UnderMind’s limiting beliefs. Their technique differs from other books I’ve read. While they do endorse affirmations, they guide the reader through a series of core-probing questions. I believe even a skeptic will be convinced by the overall message of this book.

I highly recommend UnderMind! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did! It will transform your mindset and your life. You will feel like you’ve been given a new lease on life! By Southpaw