Joanna Andros

Joanna Andros is a passionate teacher, therapist, and life and emotional healing coach, who brings her vast knowledge and experience to assist others in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in every aspect of life. Joanna has developed a proven therapy process called Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy to uncover and eliminate the negative subconscious beliefs that hold people back from achieving their goals – measurable results are guaranteed from the very first session.

Unlike other methods that only create awareness, Joanna’s transformational process is grounded in proven strategies that work. Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy™ (PNRT) is a healing process which quickly targets, with laser precision, the belief systems that may be in the way of achieving a dream, goal or peace of mind. PNRT is also used to overcome negative inner chatter, phobias, OCD, heal deep resentment or trauma and create lasting freedom from the negative emotions that drain our energy and hold us back.

As a kidney transplant survivor, Joanna understands how the mind can be led to both create an illness and heal the body. Having overcome her own emotional issues and blocks in every area of her life, drives her passion and commitment to providing people with techniques that offer faster, proven results to help free them from their suffering, whether emotional, physical or financial.

A successful entrepreneur with 20 years of business experience, Joanna works in partnership with Tanya Chernova. As co-founder of Courageous Living she leads people through profound personal development programs and brings dynamic, effective, life-changing empowerment coaching and principles to individuals, groups, companies, and corporations. As co-founder of the PNRT certification program for therapists, Joanna has become a master educator in the realm of neuroscience and the ability to change the brain with neural-programming.