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Courage is not the absence of fear but the decision that something is more important than fear.

Discover what is more important to you.

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It’s just like our proven and trusted in person Mentors Circle – just online. All the same content in the description applies.

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Experience live “pair sharing” with our unique conference line to maximize your take-aways from each exercise.

If you miss the class, we will send you the recording with the handouts and videos to watch at your most convenient time.

Are you ready to live your dreams?

  • Do you want to re-ignite your passion for life?
  • Create an action plan for positive change and success?
  • Awaken the inner strength and self esteem you need to achieve your dreams?
  • Be supported and stay accountable to your personal and professional goals?
  • Write the next chapter of your life with confidence?

Then join a warm, interactive, inspirational program to discover your life goals, overcome your personal barriers, find a support group to help you reach for your dreams and succeed with confidence. The Mentors Circle™ is a safe and loving place where you can share your wisdom and offer guidance and benefit from the knowledge and experience of others.

This is your chance to tap into your greatest potential and meet the people who can help you reach beyond your comfort zone into a place where what you want is possible! Join a courageous network and feel empowered with like-minded women who are ready to breakthrough barriers and make their vision a reality. Get connected; get the tools and support to create a springboard for your success!

Connect, Commit, Support, and Succeed with the Courageous Living Mentors Circle™

Set aside three hours, once a month for this structured and supportive approach to business and personal success in a safe and confidential environment for 6 months.

The Mentors Circle program will completely change the paradigm of how you perceive yourself, your goals and create a new and empowering model to achieve the results you want. Discover the 6 stages in the lifecycle of a goal and the success strategy that is required to overcome resistance to change. Learn the secret to overcoming the fear, overwhelm and self- sabotage that leave us feeling stuck. Use a simple step by step system to help yourself and your team move beyond the comfort zone and change the patterns to guarantee success in your personal and professional life.

In these transformational breakthrough sessions you will:

  • Gain awareness, brainstorm real challenges and report on progress.
  • Confidentially express your thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears with women who support your success.
  • Create the written version of your vision and powerfully declare personal and/or professional goals and action plans using the SMART system.
  • Learn through experiential exercises; take powerful action steps to achieve your goals throughout the month.
  • Discover what’s holding you back and get the tools to overcome it.
  • And SO much more.

The 6 stages teach the mindset, skill set and system to create success in any area of your life.

  1. Inspired Connection & Vision for Success
  2. One Step at a Time
  3. Overcome Your Negative Beliefs & Patterns (inner chatter etc)
  4. Turn Breakdowns into Breakthroughs
  5. Success Formula – Focus! Action! Clarity!
  6. Celebrating Your Success

Your Network Elevates Your Net Worth

We are profoundly influenced by the people in our lives. Are there people in your life who drain your energy, doubt your ideas, press your buttons, fear your success or have simply stopped inspiring you to grow? Increase your net worth by elevating your network! At the Courageous Living Mentors Circle, you will meet wonderful new friends who will become a genuine source of strength, support, insight and inspiration. They may also be just the contact you’ve been looking for to create your next step for success. Mentor and be mentored by extraordinary women. Just like you, they are here to feel safe. To be vulnerable about their dreams and their fears and grow without judgment in a loving and confidential environment.

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Short Testimonials

  • “Life Changing!!!”
  • “I am finally setting goals and achieving them!”
  • “It’s like having your own personal coach to hold you accountable”
  • “A structure that saves me from myself”
  • “My life is moving forward faster than I had expected”
  • “Every time I walk out the door I leave here with a breakthrough!”
  • “I feel stronger and more confident with a brave new attitude to go for what I want”
  • “I can’t believe how much I have grown with these supportive women”

Our Next 6 Month ONLINE Program using ZOOM Video Conferencing is not available at this time. A new upgraded program will be starting in January 2022.  More Info coming soon.

$97 +HST for Previously Audio Recorded Conference Call Program. (Sent Monthly).
Meetings are hosted in Toronto, and you attend conveniently in your own home. 

The name for this group was originally inspired by our friend Elizabeth Verwey, author of THE MENTORS CIRCLE™ Clearing Your Path to Business Growth.