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It’s Better Than Ever!

More than just a speaker’s forum, Diva Day is an experiential workshop where you take part in every presentation and connect with women just like you. Get informed and be inspired. Achieve breakthroughs, create a new life vision and walk away with an action plan to implement real changes in your health and in your life.

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Flatten Your Tummy the Natural & Healthy Way

Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND leading specialist in digestion, healthy bowel and colon cancer prevention helps you say goodbye to gas, bloating, and constipation and get the flat tummy you want naturally. Learn how easy it is to improve digestion and keep your colon healthy for illness prevention and youthful skin. Only at Diva Day IV!

Heal Your Body With Your Mind

Joanna Andros – Emotional Healing Coach and co-founder of Courageous Living
It’s been proven that negative emotions create disease. Learn what thought patterns trigger illness and drain your energy. Get the guide to read your body’s signs and learn to listen with love to your body’s messages. Overcome physical ailments and reclaim your perfect health through your emotional belief systems. Only at Diva Day IV!

Discover Your Inner Carats

Adele Alfano, Canada’s Award Winning Self-Esteem ‘Diamond Coach’. All that you have in your life right now is in measure with your self-esteem. We self sabotage when we think we’re not deserving and stay in a place where our greatest dreams lay just beyond our reach. Learn to expand your self worth and open up to the abundance that is waiting for you.

Macrobiotics — Ancient Healing Foods to Dissolve Fat

Lidia Kuleshnyk, B.Sc., M.E.S., Canada’s premier Macrobiotic Chef, Reiki master, Holistic Counselor and creator of www.Macrosnacks.com helps us make the foods that heal. Participate in a demonstration and walk away with samples, recipes and the power to heal yourself and your family with energetic food. Only at Diva Day IV!

Your Shoppers Guide to Anti-Aging Skin Care

Tanya Chernova, International Skin Specialist & Formulator. At last! Learn to read the labels and know what really works and how. Be a smart shopper and save yourself from marketing schemes and costly packaging. Know what to look for and when to use it with this simple guide to what works for you at every age and stage in your skin’s life. Only at Diva Day IV!

Exercise Your Femininity

Alyson Joy, Professional Dancer, Founder of Award Winning Felinity Studio helps you exercise your femininity with Core Sensuality ™. Designed by a woman for women’s bodies to lengthen strengthen firm and energize your body and unleash your sexy self. Feel the uplifting power in your muscles and your mind; get your juices flowing with the Felinity Workout.

NIA Movement — Introduction

Lisa Sidorowicz, CBE & NIA Instructor – Nia increases the pleasure of living in your body; a transformational non-impact movement practice that teaches you to be more joyful and expressive. Holistic; engaging your body, mind, emotions and spirit. It draws from dance, martial arts and yoga for fitness fusion at its finest. Strengthen muscles, increase grace, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Nia movement and music arouses your senses, your child within, your inner athlete, goddess, warrior, and dancer; Nia is medicine for body and soul. More Info

Breath Work, Meditation & Visualization

Michelle Meehan, MA, CCC, CRC, Canada’s foremost specialist in Integrative Breath Therapy (IBT) to accelerate recovery from everyday stress, trauma, injury, disability and chronic or terminal illness. Go on a meditative journey, take home techniques using your powerful breath to release unwanted pain, toxins or sadness; deepen and strengthen your connection to your emotion, body, mind and spirit. Perfect to release emotional upsets and irritation from PMS, pregnancy or change of life.

Creating the Life You Want

Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros – Founders Courageous Living, Strategic Coach and Life Success Coach
It’s the end of Diva Day IV and you’ve learned inspiring new things – how will you bring them home and use them daily? What courageous goals will you set and who will support you? This is YOUR special time to reflect on what you need and create the passionate life you want in a guided setting. An amazing interactive session spent in groups to declare your dream and create support to keep you growing! ONLY at Diva Day IV!