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An unforgettable day to develop your Inner Diva!

In an intimate setting with other extraordinary women like you, this interactive workshop will provide a practical, results-oriented forum to develop your creative, intuitive and powerful authentic self!

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Discover Your Passion

with Marcia Martin

Do you know your calling? What are your dreams…and isn’t it about time you began living them? Do you know you have a greater purpose waiting for you? If so, we invite you to say: IT’S MY TIME!

Come and discover your top 5 passions and learn to create the kind of life you have always wanted to live right now!

Marcia Martin is one of North America ‘s most sought after speakers and a master trainer of the Law of Attraction. She is the president and CEO of Power Speaking Seminars. She is also the Associate Producer and guest host of the international television series, Positive Living TV, to be shown in over 100 countries by the end of 2008.

You will feel the positive power of this experiential presentation! www.powerspeaking.com

Master Your Finances

with Marilyn Maxan, Wealth Expert

Are you controlled by anxiety or fear when it comes to your finances?

Are you ready to go to the next level but can’t seem to get there and don’t know how?

Learn 5 proven steps you can take to create financial health and wealth. Walk away with a personal action plan to achieve your financial dreams. Whether you have $10 or $100,000 Marilyn Maxan will take you to the next level of financial abundance.

Marilyn holds an MBA with over 20 years experience in finance. She is a private coach and creator of the insideLEAP™ coaching program and the “doubleLEAP™” Bootcamp for Appreciating Wealth and Success.

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

with Dr. Amir Sabongui

How can you get the men in your life to stop fighting WITH you and start fighting FOR you?

Whether you know it or not, you have the power to ignite or extinguish the men in your life.

In this presentation, Dr. Sabongui shares his secrets for unleashing your inner goddess and inspiring the men in your life to be warriors for your relationship and igniting their passion for you.

Whether you are playful, mischievous, fierce, or intelligent, you will learn how you can always be feminine AND powerful. Rediscover the secrets of the goddesses that have guided and inspired generations of women and their men for thousands of years.

Dr. Sabongui is an Author and holds a PhD in Psychology with a passion for healthy relationships. He is an engaging speaker and the founder of TrueLifeSkills.com, an online source for dating advice and personal growth resources.


Sensuality Secrets

with Patty Contenta, Author

Heighten your sensuality through the art of body language and dance! Radiate more of who you are from the outside – in. Celebrate your feminine energy and sensual self and learn to invite more of what you want into your life: men, women, success, confidence and respect. Walk, stand, sit and dance to honor your feminine power!

Join Patty Contenta, Canadian Ballroom Champion, International Dance Champion and sensuality coach, Author of Sensuality Secrets and owner of a famous Arthur Murray dance studio.


Love Magic

with Yvonne Oswald PHD, Author

What Happens Before the Happily Ever After?

Learn why you attract and marry your unconscious mind and get the communication skills to make it work! Discover an easy way to find out if someone is good for you. Use “Mind Magic” to clear negative emotions, limiting beliefs and make decisions in less than a minute! Yvonne takes you on an exciting step-by-step experiential journey to connect or re-connect with your soul mate.

Yvonne has a reputation for her exciting, innovative and interactive seminars. She helps every audience clear issues and quantum leap their personal growth and life choices. A celebrated author and PhD, her second book, “Every Word has Power” is being published in spring 2008 by Simon and Schuster.


Tantra Sex

with Lucy Becker

All you want to know and are afraid to ask about sex and reaching full body orgasms and why 60% of women are struggling to get there. A large percentage of women are not satisfied with their sex lives. Uncover common issues that stop women from fully expressing their sexual selves and discover practical ways to reach higher levels of fulfillment. Learn new ways to overcome a lack of desire, communicate your sexual wants, pleasure yourself or your partner and why “driver” women–high energy, highly-successful women sometimes don’t do as well with their sex lives as they do elsewhere and more …

Voted #1 Tantra teacher in Toronto , Lucy Becker is the founder and director of the Tantra Center of Toronto and a frequent guest on radio and television.

Yvonne has a reputation for her exciting, innovative and interactive seminars. She helps every audience clear issues and quantum leap their personal growth and life choices. A celebrated author and PhD, her second book, “Every Word has Power” is being published in spring 2008 by Simon and Schuster.


The Courage to Believe

with Joanna Andros

What is holding you back in your life? Is it your circumstances? is it your age? Is it your past? The only thing in the way of having what you want is what you believe. Your beliefs determine the results in your life. They can be your greatest spring board or your biggest obstacle.

This stimulating and empowering session will reveal those hidden beliefs that hold you back from the life that you deserve. An eye opening experience that will put you on the right track to creating the life you want on purpose.

Joanna Andros is a sought after Life Success Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Courageous Living. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Secrets from Around the World

with Tanya Chernova

Health and beauty expert Tanya Chernova has traveled over 22 countries to bring you the best kept secrets that women from around the world have used to stay younger naturally!

Firm and tighten the skin on your face and body, naturally brighten your teeth and lighten age spots. Detoxify cells and energize your skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and develop the ageless mindset for a lifetime of youthful radiance!

An International skin specialist, author, co-inventor of Time Reverse Skin Care, and co-founder of Courageous Living, Tanya is passionate about natural beauty therapy! You will enjoy her entertaining style and practical information.