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Quantum Younging

I am a miracle. My body is a miracle. My body replicates itself perfectly. My cells are young and strong. I expect to be forever young. My mind is young. I think youthful thoughts. I can remain youthful. I can be young at heart. I can hold youthful thoughts. I can believe in myself. I choose to believe in myself. I choose to be forever young. Young in heart, young in spirit, young in mind. Young. I choose youth. I choose to live life fully. I choose to remain young, confident and bold. I choose health and fitness. I choose joy. I choose fun. I laugh. I play. I have perfect health. I remember youthful play and I play. I am inquisitive. I am fun. I have fun. I enjoy myself. I enjoy others. I enjoy play. I enjoy youth. Young is an attitude. Youth is a state of mind. The body follows the mind. Young mind--young body. I look younger. I act younger. I have energy and enthusiasm. I live with a joyous anticipation. I am grateful. Life is a miracle. I create perpetual youth in me. I create youthful expectations. I create youth and health.

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